O Kadhal Kanmani Film Review


                          Ok Kanmani, even the title grasps the viewers attention. Who would have ever thought about its vibration among the current cinema lovers. Even though Mani Ratnam’s Raavanan and Kadal were not up to the expectation on the silver screen, people still and will never give up over Mani’s works. The film really gets an apt title. After a long time, I was really able to receive a full-fledged romantic drama. Title card creators are really needed to be appreciated by the way they have worked to produce an attractive animation effects at the beginning of the film. This film actually deals with the true live in relationship between Adithya (Dulquer Salmaan) – play role as a game designer, and Taara (Nithya Menen) – play role as an architect which of course ends in a manner which we always longing to have an happy ending. I wonder the plot will be the only reason why the censorship had decided to give “U/A” to this film. Moving on with the casts in this film, Dulquer Salmaan – this young man inspired the youngsters by his own style of acting. Over excited at times but it even added great beauty to this film. He had excelled in what he could provide himself for a Mani Ratnam’s flick. Nithya Menen, this woman got an immense amount of talent in them which forms a beautiful equation of Chemistry with Dulquer and results to produce a adorable product which makes us to feel as if to be like them. Prakash Raj  and Leela Samson worked together as onscreen husband and wife. This couple got a separate love story and they will be one of the reasons why the families will love to watch this film. Leela seems to affected by Alzheimer disease which results in her damn good role in the second half. Mani Ratnam had worked together to assemble a beautiful realistic family feel through the casts.

                     About the Technicians, I wonder how Mani Ratnam can able to bring the greatest on silver screen from them.  A. R. Rahman, he is definitely a genius musician. More than listening to the soundtracks, it added some particular beauty which tends to attract the people. The way that he segmented the songs with the respected background scores is also one of the reason for the victory of Ok Kanmani. Never the less Vairamuthu’s adds the beauty to the soul. Every tracks represents the part of this story. Carnatic music got its effect in this film.  One of the highlighted portion in this film is  P. C. Sreeram‘s Cinematography. Never judge this man, he really nailed it. Each and every single frame just attracts us towards the film. Sharmishta Roy’s production design interests us to add such beauty to our life style. Sreekar Prasad’s Editing, he added a pure clarity to the film. But some trembling effect in songs feels to linger my eyes. He added the smoothness to the film which allows people to enjoy them self without getting bored. The Symbol for a Mani Ratnam film is the Voice provided by the artists which had added its natural beauty to this Fantasy of Love. Dialogues were written by Mani Ratnam had brought its realistic feel which one experience in his or her day to day life with the sense of humour at times. Overall the technicians added a great beauty to the typical Screenplay of Mani Ratnam.


                        After Mani Ratnam’s Alaipayuthey, people were kind of expected to experience a different kind of love story and O Kadhal Kanmani will provide them for sure. Entertain yourself and experience the satisfaction of love. It’ll never be Mani’s best film making but it got its different kind of film making in it.

Overall : Mani Ratnam is Back. Don’t miss to experience the different kind of Fantasy of Love. Never will be his best but yet again it remains to be the best of others. 



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