Film Review : Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai

Rating: ★★★☆☆  3/5

After directing a critically acclaimed film Peranmai, Director S. P. Jananathan has set his feet in directing another typical script. Since his past films had been freaking our souls, thoughts on Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai were lingering among people. An expectation was developed and if you are asking me whether it would fulfill our expectations, I’m here to answer that “Just go for it“. This script gets a well suited title which one will be able to understand only if he or she watches it. The cast could have been really improved a little bit but they had done their best and they could provide some justice to the script. Highlighted among the crew is  Vijay Sethupathi, he nailed it. As usual he put forth his goodness for his profession really well.


What deserves a bold effect for a  S. P. Jananathan Film? The most highlighted portions in his films are the script and the moral. Even the bald director deserves a bold effect for delivering his boldness in directing a powerful script. It is a well executed script but perfectness was missing and that was one little downside for this film which I felt that it can neglected. Screenplay was too good in the second half which was a bit lacking in the first half.

Back to the cast. After Vijay Sethupathi, actor Shaam is back to form and he provided an hundred percent justice to his character. Having a fit body, it feels as if he is absolutely fit for her film.  Arya play role as a different character which no one had ever thought of. But S.P does prove that the hero is also fit for this role. Karthika Nair, an actress is definitely needed but does she is apt for this role? That’s doubtful I believe. She just added a partial justice for this role. Other members of the casts really added a great justice to their characters.

Production design is really a major highlighted portion of this film. Really the production designing team deserves an applause. Their efforts did not went in vain especially in designing a Jail. They helped in creating a perfectness of designing S. P. Jananathan‘s vision. Editing was spiced beautifully and it added the crisp to this film. First half of the film had a pretty dull screenplay but Second half of the film puts the film at the top of the table.

What adds the negative feel to this film? Music by Varshan adds the biggest disappointment to this film. Especially the songs diluted the screenplay in the first half. Unwanted duet song in a crucial portion is a downside for this king of film. Since Purampokku has a well constructed script, such songs can be neglected. But the Background score was well composed and Srikanth Deva (Background score) can be appreciated for it.One portion was seemed to be copied from Mission Impossible Theme. Cinematographer Natraj Subramaniam added some darkness to this film. Some frames such as the train sequence were well captured by Natraj. In such aspects, the cinematography can be appreciated. Climax ended the way it should be. No other possible ways can be the only reason.

Overall : Not so perfect but extremely powerful. Well written and executed by S. P. Jananathan. Partially good first half and extremely superb second half. You won’t miss the thrill. Just go for it.

 © LCA Guru Prasad


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