Film Review : 36 Vayadhinile

Rating : ★★★☆☆  3.25/5

After eight years, a surprise awaited for the cinema fans. Expectation begins to linger among the hearts of people when they heard that the actress Jyothika returns to Tamil Cinema after her final on screen acting in Pachaikili Muthucharam. Jyothika being a purity in terms of talent, she does give a huge surprise on screen. Let me begin with the title. This movie was said to be an official remake of the Malayalam film How Old Are You. This film is all about a woman at the age of 36. Hence this film is entitled as 36 Vayadhinile. The title card creators are needed to be appreciated for their beautiful work in this film. The usage of Royal Blue and Pink colored stylish fonts with the white background added some beauty to this film. This Film is majorly releasing under the banner of  Suriya‘s 2D Entertainment. Since this is a debut film under his production company, people experienced the beauty of the graphic clip for  production studio 2D Entertainment. 


Director Rosshan Andrrews was able create an inspiring story that would linger every women on the earth’s crust. This film  is different and inspiring like people experienced while watching English Vinglish. It is really a well written script and that was able to hit the bull’s eye. The casts are an highlighted portion in this film. They were able to bring the reality from the reel of Tamil Cinema. Jyothika conquered every characters and definitely ruled this film. She delivered a splendid performance which was reflected as an applause from the audience. Rahman proved his excellency for being a good supporting role for this film. His character in this film really played a key role which even created a grudge among people for being a villainous husband in this film. This shows how he deeply immersed himself into this film. Amritha Anil truly done a great job as being a daughter of Joythika and Rahman. Delhi Ganesh and along with everybody bloomed an wholesome feel of a Family. Each and every single person did provided some wonderful piece of acting.

Official Trailer

The Production designing was excellent except from one part in this film which does create some awkward feel about the background. Other than this, the production designing crew did brought the comfort and the environment of a middle class family. Dialogues were really beautiful and certain portions, the dialogues were really powerful and inspiring. The Dialogue writer Viji can be appreciated for his works in this film. Music by Santhosh Narayanan is one of this highlighted portions in the film. He did provided his brilliant piece of musical work in the Background Scores. Expect President theme every other songs and scores were absolutely good. He truly helped in highlighting the beauty of this Film. Cinematography by R. Diwakaran, he actually done a pretty decent job. Certain frames were excellently captured. The usage of the sunlight background was done perfectly. Edited by Mahesh Narayanan, not really a crisp editing but he does add the smoothness to this film. Boring stuffs and unwanted sentiments were edited perfectly.


What will the downside for this film? There are some tiny negatives included. Logically it won’t be really appreciable unless the great person is a good minded and a different person to meet just an ordinary Clerk. But this can be really neglected when a person watches this film . If we go in for logical errors then we should move out ourselves from certain movies. So just we’ve got a move on.

Overall : Family, Friends, Friends of friends, Only me… you guys can be any one of these options. Just click your life’s option to watch 36 Vayadhinile and be a person to feel this film. Jyothika truly nailed it. She displayed a splendid performance. She ruled this film. Power of women reflected as the applause from the audience. Even you had already watched How Old Are You, please do watch it and feel the emotions from your mother tongue. Santhosh Narayanan does it yet another time. Rosshan Andrrews, Hats off. Watch it with your Family…


© LCA Guru Prasad


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