FILM REVIEW : Puli (Tiger)

After a sequence of impact, the expectation for Vijay‘s next film was limitless. For the past two years, his comeback films such as Thuppaki and Kaththi were critically acclaimed. Actor Vijay and Chimbu Deven decided to do a film, titling it as “Puli.” The title seemed very awkward, but some kind of expectations was developed among the masses when Chimbu said that this film is all based on the genre, fantasy and adventure. According to Tamil Cinema, Vijay was only the commercial entertainer to act in this genre of film making. About Puli, Chimbu Deven dives into film making by taking a brave attempt and ended up with disastrous output.


The casting for this film is truly a disaster. Vijay is in the top of this table. He was totally seemed like the odd lead for the entire film. He had faith upon his director and  wants to dedicate himself for this film. But entirely Chimbu failed to produce enough justice upon his lead. After acting in one the most appreciated films like Kaththi, his acting seemed a kind of a reflection from Sura. Acting is something which should be as our soul mate but when it is missing, then gradually it turns out to be a failure. Lead actresses like  Shruti HaasanHansika Motwani and  Nandita Swetha were totally worthless for this film. Well, Did the director think them as some kind of play toys? He just used them as fillers. Sudeep did provide some justice to his role. He looked some kind of a serious character in the beginning, but making him to dance for a song is kindly inappropriate. Sridevi forced herself to do a villainous role and projected a decent job. But the story didn’t provide enough space to showcase herself. Other members truly tried act as pillars, but the soul of the character was missing. Emotional scenes had no impact and this loosened the screenplay.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad. The music is very important for this kind of films, especially the background score. But when it was a failure, then it affects the strength of the film. The songs were truly a Downfall for this film. Fillers can’t just help to provide a wholesome film. Choreography just fell flat and Childish. Even at this age, Vijay does it brilliantly, but Choreography turned up a disaster along with Music. Cinematography by Natarajan Subramaniam. Only few frames were appreciable. Other than that the Cinematography lost its grip, fails to capture the natural visuals. Especially in songs, the cinematography was vulgarly framed. Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad. As usual, he does his job as well as possible. It should have been a tough task to edit films like these. He did put forth his effort and tried to trim the weak screen presence as much as possible.

The technicians are really needed to be appreciated. They had done a great job, especially the VFX (CGI) team. They were good, but still needs to be careful. It actually lost his shape at certain scenes. Vijay’s half face was overlapped by the building. Need not be perfect, but at least be careful while doing this. Production designing was good and it also created a visual treat. Costume Designing was just equivalent to a fancy dress competition. Director Chimbu Deven had a good story, but the execution failed permanently. Poor screenplay breaks the bond between the film and the audiences. Being one of the judges in Naalaya Iyakunar, he must picturize the essence of input that needs to be added to a film.

Overall : A Cat was in the disguise of Puli. If the cat crosses, then your bad time begins and that was the result of this film. Expectations may end up badly. Many People will feel the disappointment. While Vijay fans must wait to Troll other fans. Overall, it was just an immature / childish film.


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