Theri – Film Review

Well, people call it so, there is a famous saying called “Failures are stepping stones of Success” and Theri is all about Vijay‘s one of the best comebacks after his letdown from Puli. This current generation in Cinematic world is truly blessed to have young directors like Atlee. ‘Raja Rani‘ was his debut film and it was said to be a People’s favorite Romedy film at the time of its release. His second project was Theri and the inception of this film did spread like a wildfire when he announced that Vijay will be the lead in this film. Let him be the assistant of Director Shankar but after watching this film, you’ll probably recognize that ‘The Name is Atlee.’ He should be proud of handling such a project. ‘Thanu’s V Creations’, he’ll be the only producer to receive people’s joyful yell from their beloved vocal  cords. From what he had received, he’ll be overjoyed by the means of hands and heart.


Atlee’s direction, the story was pretty weak with a peculiar moral because people can easily sense the fragrance of the old style drama. It was kind of easily predictable as a story and surprisingly packed as  a screenplay. The greatness of the screenplay showed the efforts on how he handled the script. Actor Vijay’s performance, he should be proud of picking up this kind of project and portraying a powerful role . People will be stoned by his vintage and soulful acting. Baby Nainika’s screen presence was beautiful enough so that the fatherly relationship with Vijay was injected perfectly into the audiences. Samantha,  her acting in this  might be recognized as her career best performance. Prabhu, Raadhika Sarathkumar and Kaali Venkat, they  showed up themselves in few frames and engaged us with this film. Amy Jackson didn’t fit in her role and it is one of the negatives for this film. Mahendran’s debut as an actor, he did justice to his role and that too as a Villain. Not too racy, but managed to pull off the best he could. Rajendran, the supporting actor truly supports this film by his performance.

Theri Official Trailer

Cinematography by George C. Williams, it is time for us to say as “As usual, this man was at his best.” Those eyes grasping visuals were heart warming. The interval block was just perfectly framed and it was one of the reasons why this film is actually a treat for Vijay’s fans. Music by G. V. Prakash Kumar,  his music began to fade away. The songs weren’t so impressive except ‘Dub Theri Step.’ That particular track kept us in the loop with this film. ‘Jithu Jiladi‘ , this song was unbalanced in a way. The visual presence wasn’t even  as powerful as the lyrics. Edited by Anthony L. Ruben, his brilliance is outstanding. Editing was crisp enough for the film having a running time about 157 minutes, which is actually quite lengthy. The placement of the scenes, the stability between the flashback and the present were flawless. The second half was a little bit draggy when compared to the fast and furiously presented first half. Ruben actually played a key role and he is one of the reasons for this film’s success. An applause to the poster makers. We all have that mystical thoughts about this story and that is because of them. Dialogues were hard hitting and it is one of the strengths for this film.

For years, we’ve been treated to trash in the name of ‘Commercial Entertainers’ but this film stood out as one of the best films in recent times. It is rare to watch this kind of film with a moral and that is where Atlee’s talent is highlighted.


Overall, it is Celebration time. A perfect treat for Vijay’s fans. Will satisfy most of the audience. Haters might return back with slight disappointment. No use in having a personal vengeance upon Vijay when you consider a film as a Cinema. This film favours you with wholesome flavours.  A guaranteed Entertainment from the team.



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