Iraivi – Film Review

After encircling us with a joyful fear and pinning a local gangsta styled film, Karthik Subbaraj decided to create an impact upon this generation audiences. He got his own theory, he got his own explanation and projects us in a manner that this generation audiences will never regret to watch it in theaters. He just showed us about what he can deliver with all the inspirations. If Sujatha was alive by now, he’ll be proud of what he did to this world.

Karthik Subbaraj‘s direction, he pulled off what he could show to this world through the power of cinema. Such an impactful script, spiced up with needed crime scenes and created an wholesome drama. S.J. Surya, he was at his best. Apt for his character, couldn’t get any better. Vijay Sethupathi, seemed like a performance oriented role. His emotional attachment with his character lived in us throughout the film. Bobby Simha, his play role as Sethu in Jigarthanda stays at the top of the table. Still a good supportive role which was much needed. After Kattradhu Thamizh, Anjali played as a local woman, been a while ever since we saw her in such roles and she truly ruled the space which was given to her. Each and every single character’s screen presence were just outstanding. Only few directors will know how to extract the best from the talents.


Cinematography by Sivakumar Vijayan, songs were perfectly visualized and the yellowish filter created a golden globe which indeed a visual treat. Edited by Vivek Harshan, National Award winner and what more else do you expect from him. Two particular frames truly impressed me and the editing for the song “Dhushta“, that was absolutely brilliant. The sets, the Rain and even the vehicles used, everything were up to the level which actually satisfied the demands. This film has a running time of about 160 minutes, the screenplay wasn’t seemed so ductile, it was so brittle enough with a perfect editing and audiences will be able to feel it.


Santhosh Narayanan‘s music, each and every time he delivers with an improvisation. The change of phases in the music was perfectly executed. The song along with the visuals added a soul to this film. Actress Pooja, we can feel about what Karthik wants to deliver from that character but a little bit of something could’ve been added to have a perfect end to a puzzle. All three actresses, pinned their best performances from their heart. A poignant scent of women and men, glittered  by their performances, and technically a masterpiece. A well sculptured film by Karthik Subburaj and a much needed film to this society.


Overall: Iraivi is something, which pricks our heart with the messages on “Women” and “Who are men?” The whole team truly deserves to celebrate this victory.




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