Film and Life

Why do we even watch films? Have anyone thought of that? Wish, everyone has an answer. LCA’s Admin says “Hey!” and quotes, “From Me to You.”

We live on earth, geographically a beauty and we knew that it’s spinning. We look at the sky and try to count the number of stars which is never going to happen. We just care to look only the pictures that are pointing towards our eyesight and we merely cared about what is on the other side of this earth. Why did I even say these sentences? Do those relate to something regarding films? Yes, of course. Cinema is like a World within our World. There are an infinite number of films. Probably, no one would have watched every film till date because  it takes greater time than our lifetime…

Movies aren’t just meant to entertain us, they’re meant to teach us the concept of Life.

Our love towards Cinema begins to bloom from our childhood days. Those days were the days when our parents just hold our arm with a great love and reach out for theaters to watch films. This portion of life is defined as the Entertainment. Films can satisfy a child who is watching it with having popcorn and ice cream. These days, it ain’t the same. Now, it’s all about us and the Silver screen.

We all live in those moments when we began to watch films. They are just nothing until we analyse them frame by frame. Well, it all happened at the age of 14. “Life is Beautiful“, the first film which actually made me believe the Life exists in films. That was a beautiful and a heart moving triangular relationship between the father, mother, and child. The end scene of this film will make you realize the real meaning of the true relationship between the father and child. You’ll experience the underlined meaning of Sacrifice. It’ll be one of the films which last forever in my hard drive. The liveliness depends on how deep we travel with a film. It matters that we cast as an off-screen character along with the film.


Why do I even review films? The reason behind reviewing a film says about how well we took a film within us. Analyzing a film frame by frame, putting in the form words will help for many beautiful unsung  films to reach people easily. Highlighting the technical brilliance, pointing out the errors and sending those to the crew will be a path for each and every technician to improve from the past and deliver their unbelievable thoughts in the future.

Why do I feel like it’s wrong to rate films? Many people are never watching films just by seeing the rating. We ain’t the greatest teacher to rate films and to have our own school of cinema with a grading system. The scales in the rating system doesn’t reflect that this film isn’t worth to watch and technically a flop. Each and every people’s opinion varies with each other. We should read a review but we need not judge a film by its rating.

What will be the saddest thing to happen for a true cinema lover? The most deadliest* virus to affect a film watcher would be the “Spoilers“. Even the name says enough, it actually spoils the mood and makes us feel guilty of doing an injustice to the world of Cinema.

I’m a True Cinema Lover. Living a life through films. A proud founder of LCA : LIGHTS – CAMERA – ACTION. I post a lot about films. Spreads the real importance of a film. Thanks to all the members who are all behind LCA and holding it strongly as the Pillars. Well, this is not The End.

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