Th1rteen R3asons Why

A hard-hitting story about a young teen named “Hannah.” This isn’t a review of how this series was, instead I’ll be dealing about how I took this series as a part of our life. Call it a plural, there ain’t gonna be just ‘I,’ life has to be dealt with “We” at times.

Suicide” is what her R3asons for all Th1rteen “why(s)?” Each and every single episode deals about how an empty room was literally filled with the sound of “Hannah.” You could also put out a question as, “Is suicide what cost her life? Is it the only answer that we learn from this series?” But after watching this series, it’ll help you to move forward. It makes one believe that, “Yes, we do live in the planet of pain and we’ll withstand it, no matter what happens.

Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. That’s right. Don’t adjust your… whatever device you’re hearing this on. It’s me, live and in stereo…” With a profound quality of Narration, the thoughts are broken down.

There are about 13 reasons in 7 cassettes, with 2 stories in each. You might wonder why there are 14 reasons instead of 13, that final reason is something which entirely depends upon you.

The Search:  The first problem that every teenager will be facing during High school life is finding a non-wrecking friendship. It takes the time to heal when it hurts, but on the other side, the bond will be intact if it’s true.

The kind we want, the kind we regret. It is different, sharing isn’t just about giving something. What matters is that whether we give them with love or not. If that’s the case, then even our enemies will be truthful to show about who they are to us.

The First Love:  Love at the first sight, it is what people do believe in when they have that heart-skipping-a-beat moment. But the most people don’t have the guts to let the love of their life to know what it’s like to have them in their life.

The Groupism: This kind of relationship is like a chat-box with different spices, yet they’re separated based on their similarities.

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Let me deal with this topic with an example of an Indian Dish. Have you ever wondered why Biriyani tastes better than what we think? If you’ve the answer for it, then you’ll understand the reason.

Groupism isn’t a bad relationship but remember that only if there are different spices in Biriyani, it’ll taste better.

A Nerd and A Bird: A Nerds’ thoughts are within the four walls and A Birds’ thoughts are wandering around outside the four walls. A Friend in need is a Friend indeed. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Practically speaking, a person can always be neutral, neither positive nor negative. Not everyone who is good can be the first at all and Not everyone who is bad can be the last at all. If either of one tries to help each other, it will make a difference.

Love, Lust, Sex and other Drugs: All four are dependent on each other. When there’s Love, there are friendship and Sex. When there’s Lust, there are Sex and Drugs. LGBT may not be okay with everyone; but the question lies in you being okay with it. The best quality to develop in ourselves is Equality.

True Friendship and True Love, are what people are expecting. Sex is with love, Rape is with Lust and they both can never be the same. A boy and a girl can also be the best friends as much as they could fall in love with each other.

Loneliness makes people have some suicidal thoughts. When everything goes wrong for a person like Hannah, it’s where people might decide that Suicide is the only answer. But, what we can learn from this series is that we should be the ones who are willing to make a change. We’ve to look out for each other when there’s a need, irrespective of who you are in the past. Think before you act in the present and you’ll see the changes in the future.

If you get a chance, do watch this series. It’ll be kind of a social awareness and more of a realization which is very much demanded for this current generation. Watch it through your eyes, take it to your heart. This is us who should make a difference.