Taramani – Film Review

What’s wrong with this world? Is it because of us? Or does it depend on stuff we see each day? Can love never be pure? Do we’ve to change ourselves or others? How to even accept this reality? Is it time for us to realize our mistakes? Well, there can be infinite questions and there aren’t any questions if there aren’t any answers for those. Taramani is one among those films which will teach us the necessary life lessons in the strangest way possible.

It is really hard to turn a reel world into a real world and Director Ram pushed himself to say,”Why not? We can.” Director Balu Mahendra is no more, but he’ll be proud of his student. Love can be of many types and Ram has his own theory. He took up some strange and sensitive issues from reality to explain about love.

Posters and Promotions for this film had played a key role. This film was certified as ‘A.’ Ram isn’t crazy about making an adult rated film, but what’s going on with him was about why it was certified as ‘A,’ and listening to his reasons in the interviews were kind of a film education. He was very keen about the fact that this film should be an adult rated film ’cause some scenes are required to be said explicitly and censoring few scenes or dialogues would destroy a flawless journey. Those captions which were added to the posters did speak about the harsh reality in comical way.

Ram’s screenplay. The plot can be said in a sentence, but making a film with it is what matters. He excelled in doing it. The dialogues, especially his narration engaged us even more. The depth effect of the characters, the choreography of a scene, the song placements, the usage of Yuvan‘s magical composition, the moral of his story and almost everything showed about how he took care of his script writing. Each portion acts as a petal and all together showed up a beautiful flower. Like the petals around a rose, Ram made it to look so unique and beautiful

Yuvan shankar Raja’s Music. There are only few music directors who can always bring that earthy flavour to a love drama, and Yuvan is one of them. The music was composed after the filming was completed and the placement of “Un Badhil Vendi” song can never get any better. There was this sentimental scene, an instance is when the lead actor weeps. Be it over spilt milk or otherwise, the overwhelming sadness we feel is contrarian to the tones playing in the background at this point. Ram is one of the directors after Selvaraghavan who will use the best of Yuvan’s inborn talent. Taramani shares a beautiful portion of musical ecstasy. 

Cinematography by Theni Easwar. From a photographer to a cinematographer.  Director visualized his script and explains the screenplay to the cinematographer. His part is to show this world about what he feels about a scene. Previously we could have seen that three stages of Butterfly in Premam which was compared with the lives of the characters involved, similarly this film holds a tiny love tale between the turtle doves and the frames captured by him explained everything. Likewise those high angle shots, and every tiny matters added a beauty to this film. 

The film demands for characters which had a strong performance oriented roles. Andrea Jeremiah and debut Vasant Ravi as leads, Supporting role play by Anjali and especially Azhagam Perumal never gave themselves a chance to produce a flat performance. Andrea has done a daring role and it’ll be her career best performance.  A girl who is a married woman, caring mother, an IT employees who has smoking & drinking habits, and the womanizers will try to convince her as if she has a sex symbol in her life. Vasant Ravi must thank his beloved beard. Without it, the film would have been a major drawback. After this film, he’ll be proud gentleman for being a part of this film. Azhagam Perumal yet again added a beautiful value to this film as a supporting role as he did in Kattradhu Thamizh. That pre-climax scene explained the moral and it was the most intense scene of this film. It’ll make them to realize how they must be grateful to their director.

Each and every single technician has proved their worthiness to this film. So, it all comes down to this. What did this film teach us? Think before you act will be the answer for all. Director Ram put forth a daring film especially for the adults of this generation. Both silence and noise hurts, this shows why the freedom of speech is important and we’ve to realize the importance of Words we speak to express our feelings. Love and Lust are different, love isn’t applicable only between a girl and a boy, it can be between a father and a son, a mother and a daughter, a brother and a sister, even a challenged person and irrespective of the creatures living in this world, no one can ever fake a love.

People might even think why Ram is creating a dark and unnerving stuff that might want to disturb the inner peace of the viewers.  But, he has his own theory and he’s mastering his field ’cause he’s being truthful to what he’s doing. The thing is that it takes some time for the people to accept his theory. Yet again, Director Ram never fails to Impress us. This film will be a gift for all those true cinema lovers. He gives us a hint that he’ll take our Tamil Cinema to a new level. We’re blessed to have Ram, Vetri maaran, Mysskin and Selvaraghavan in this cinematic world.


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