Taramani – Film Review

What’s wrong with this world? Is it because of us? Or does it depend on stuff we see each day? Can love never be pure? Do we’ve to change ourselves or others? How to even accept this reality? Is it time for us to realize our mistakes? Well, there can be infinite questions and there aren’t any questions if there aren’t any answers for those. Taramani is one among those films which will teach us the necessary life lessons in the strangest way possible.

It is really hard to turn a reel world into a real world and Director Ram pushed himself to say,”Why not? We can.” Director Balu Mahendra is no more, but he’ll be proud of his student. Love can be of many types and Ram has his own theory. He took up some strange and sensitive issues from reality to explain about love.

Posters and Promotions for this film had played a key role. This film was certified as ‘A.’ Ram isn’t crazy about making an adult rated film, but what’s going on with him was about why it was certified as ‘A,’ and listening to his reasons in the interviews were kind of a film education. He was very keen about the fact that this film should be an adult rated film ’cause some scenes are required to be said explicitly and censoring few scenes or dialogues would destroy a flawless journey. Those captions which were added to the posters did speak about the harsh reality in comical way.

Ram’s screenplay. The plot can be said in a sentence, but making a film with it is what matters. He excelled in doing it. The dialogues, especially his narration engaged us even more. The depth effect of the characters, the choreography of a scene, the song placements, the usage of Yuvan‘s magical composition, the moral of his story and almost everything showed about how he took care of his script writing. Each portion acts as a petal and all together showed up a beautiful flower. Like the petals around a rose, Ram made it to look so unique and beautiful

Yuvan shankar Raja’s Music. There are only few music directors who can always bring that earthy flavour to a love drama, and Yuvan is one of them. The music was composed after the filming was completed and the placement of “Un Badhil Vendi” song can never get any better. There was this sentimental scene, an instance is when the lead actor weeps. Be it over spilt milk or otherwise, the overwhelming sadness we feel is contrarian to the tones playing in the background at this point. Ram is one of the directors after Selvaraghavan who will use the best of Yuvan’s inborn talent. Taramani shares a beautiful portion of musical ecstasy. 

Cinematography by Theni Easwar. From a photographer to a cinematographer.  Director visualized his script and explains the screenplay to the cinematographer. His part is to show this world about what he feels about a scene. Previously we could have seen that three stages of Butterfly in Premam which was compared with the lives of the characters involved, similarly this film holds a tiny love tale between the turtle doves and the frames captured by him explained everything. Likewise those high angle shots, and every tiny matters added a beauty to this film. 

The film demands for characters which had a strong performance oriented roles. Andrea Jeremiah and debut Vasant Ravi as leads, Supporting role play by Anjali and especially Azhagam Perumal never gave themselves a chance to produce a flat performance. Andrea has done a daring role and it’ll be her career best performance.  A girl who is a married woman, caring mother, an IT employees who has smoking & drinking habits, and the womanizers will try to convince her as if she has a sex symbol in her life. Vasant Ravi must thank his beloved beard. Without it, the film would have been a major drawback. After this film, he’ll be proud gentleman for being a part of this film. Azhagam Perumal yet again added a beautiful value to this film as a supporting role as he did in Kattradhu Thamizh. That pre-climax scene explained the moral and it was the most intense scene of this film. It’ll make them to realize how they must be grateful to their director.

Each and every single technician has proved their worthiness to this film. So, it all comes down to this. What did this film teach us? Think before you act will be the answer for all. Director Ram put forth a daring film especially for the adults of this generation. Both silence and noise hurts, this shows why the freedom of speech is important and we’ve to realize the importance of Words we speak to express our feelings. Love and Lust are different, love isn’t applicable only between a girl and a boy, it can be between a father and a son, a mother and a daughter, a brother and a sister, even a challenged person and irrespective of the creatures living in this world, no one can ever fake a love.

People might even think why Ram is creating a dark and unnerving stuff that might want to disturb the inner peace of the viewers.  But, he has his own theory and he’s mastering his field ’cause he’s being truthful to what he’s doing. The thing is that it takes some time for the people to accept his theory. Yet again, Director Ram never fails to Impress us. This film will be a gift for all those true cinema lovers. He gives us a hint that he’ll take our Tamil Cinema to a new level. We’re blessed to have Ram, Vetri maaran, Mysskin and Selvaraghavan in this cinematic world.


Dunkirk – Film Review

Thoughts on Dunkirk brought to you by LCA.

What is it like to watch a Nolan film? Watching his films are always been a Masterclass to us, it’s one among the ways of educating our film-making knowledge. It feels like he takes the utmost care of writing a script and the depth of detailing that involves in the screenplay. You can’t expect something called as predictions in any of his films. He’s what his films are all about. Or maybe, I would say that he’s smart enough to fool us. Be it any of his films, I like the fact that he’s handling the unpredictable world of Time. As he said about Murphy’s law in Interstellar, “Whatever can happen, will happen.”  He has his own trade mark in the world of Cinema. A 90’s born kid who is a film fanatic will know about Nolan, go on and ask to him, Who is Nolan according to him? These days people take his films as one of the inspirations before stepping into the World of Cinema. “A Film by Christopher Nolan,” it’ll live on forever.

Dunkirk, a film which is made nothing like before from Nolan. For the first time, he took an example of a true event, and he defined what it is like to be at Home in his way. Previously, The Prestige is the only film in his filmography which he didn’t take credits for writing the script as it was adapted from a book, but who would ever forget the screenplay especially that final scene. You guys needn’t worry about anything, I won’t reveal anything from the film. But, what I can say is that this film is one of the best mysterious thrillers that has been ever made.

Back to Dunkirk, I may not be creative as Inception. But Inception isn’t as true as Dunkirk. This film is all about the inputs which are needed to pull off such an output, the reason would be the technical part of the film. The effort-filled ground work of the technicians. They were like a De-multiplexer, all worked out well together to make a film like this. This may not be a performance oriented film because hardly we would be able to see the faces of the actors who were given the roles of the soldiers, but it did actually project the strength of the characters in a different way.

Realism factor. The technicians have to be proud of what they’ve done for this film. Cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema, mostly 95% of the film takes place in an ocean, may be it was done in a way as the filming of Titanic. Framing matters a lot, fixing the camera on to a jet and filming it as wanted isn’t an easy task to do it. Music by Hans Zimmer, if not him then no one can ever compose in a Nolan film. It’s so important to take something as an inspiration. While listening to the soundtracks, I felt like he took inspirations of the ticking sound from a clock, that was some impulsive stuff and it gave the liveliness feel which is necessarily required for a film like this. And Nolan is one among the directors who take the maximum care of technical decisions with them.


Screenplay, one of the toughest screenplay and Nolan made it look so easy. The story might be explained in a single sentence but what matters is the screenplay. It dealt the stitching of fragmented frames into a film. Brilliantly visualized by the director and a productive work from the editor. The perspective of viewing one particular scene from various characters within the frame, it isn’t that easy to create but Nolan has pulled off as usual. Quite a number of dialogues were heard, but the way they’ve stressed the words like “Home” and “Survival” was strongly felt.

Director Christopher Nolan, two years of effort and we can practically see it from here. This is a different kind of a war film. No battling scene or showing the evilness against the enemies, it was all about Survival.  He isn’t Steven Spielberg, he isn’t Stanley Kubrick or he ain’t no Mel Gibson, he is Nolan. All have their own way representing a war film. This may not be the best from him because still, the time will permit him to show his best. Dunkirk is one kind of an experience which is unforgettable and this film might be one of the Oscars’ contenders. 

Th1rteen R3asons Why

A hard-hitting story about a young teen named “Hannah.” This isn’t a review of how this series was, instead I’ll be dealing about how I took this series as a part of our life. Call it a plural, there ain’t gonna be just ‘I,’ life has to be dealt with “We” at times.

Suicide” is what her R3asons for all Th1rteen “why(s)?” Each and every single episode deals about how an empty room was literally filled with the sound of “Hannah.” You could also put out a question as, “Is suicide what cost her life? Is it the only answer that we learn from this series?” But after watching this series, it’ll help you to move forward. It makes one believe that, “Yes, we do live in the planet of pain and we’ll withstand it, no matter what happens.

Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. That’s right. Don’t adjust your… whatever device you’re hearing this on. It’s me, live and in stereo…” With a profound quality of Narration, the thoughts are broken down.

There are about 13 reasons in 7 cassettes, with 2 stories in each. You might wonder why there are 14 reasons instead of 13, that final reason is something which entirely depends upon you.

The Search:  The first problem that every teenager will be facing during High school life is finding a non-wrecking friendship. It takes the time to heal when it hurts, but on the other side, the bond will be intact if it’s true.

The kind we want, the kind we regret. It is different, sharing isn’t just about giving something. What matters is that whether we give them with love or not. If that’s the case, then even our enemies will be truthful to show about who they are to us.

The First Love:  Love at the first sight, it is what people do believe in when they have that heart-skipping-a-beat moment. But the most people don’t have the guts to let the love of their life to know what it’s like to have them in their life.

The Groupism: This kind of relationship is like a chat-box with different spices, yet they’re separated based on their similarities.

13 Reasons Why | Official Trailer | Netflix

Let me deal with this topic with an example of an Indian Dish. Have you ever wondered why Biriyani tastes better than what we think? If you’ve the answer for it, then you’ll understand the reason.

Groupism isn’t a bad relationship but remember that only if there are different spices in Biriyani, it’ll taste better.

A Nerd and A Bird: A Nerds’ thoughts are within the four walls and A Birds’ thoughts are wandering around outside the four walls. A Friend in need is a Friend indeed. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Practically speaking, a person can always be neutral, neither positive nor negative. Not everyone who is good can be the first at all and Not everyone who is bad can be the last at all. If either of one tries to help each other, it will make a difference.

Love, Lust, Sex and other Drugs: All four are dependent on each other. When there’s Love, there are friendship and Sex. When there’s Lust, there are Sex and Drugs. LGBT may not be okay with everyone; but the question lies in you being okay with it. The best quality to develop in ourselves is Equality.

True Friendship and True Love, are what people are expecting. Sex is with love, Rape is with Lust and they both can never be the same. A boy and a girl can also be the best friends as much as they could fall in love with each other.

Loneliness makes people have some suicidal thoughts. When everything goes wrong for a person like Hannah, it’s where people might decide that Suicide is the only answer. But, what we can learn from this series is that we should be the ones who are willing to make a change. We’ve to look out for each other when there’s a need, irrespective of who you are in the past. Think before you act in the present and you’ll see the changes in the future.

If you get a chance, do watch this series. It’ll be kind of a social awareness and more of a realization which is very much demanded for this current generation. Watch it through your eyes, take it to your heart. This is us who should make a difference.

Alaipayuthey film review

The Journey with Mani Ratnam’s filmsPart One

Mounaragam, Alaipayuthey and O Kadhal Kanmani,” I guess, Mani Ratnam is the only director to create three different forms of scripts based on Love which are accepted by the people of the three generations.

Alaipayuthey – It’s been almost 16 years ever since its release, yet this film is slated to be one of the most loved 21st century films by the people of 20th century. It can be a love relationship between middle class woman and high class man, Alaipayuthey tends to be one of the pure class romantic films ever created. No matter how many times we watch, the intensity of Love still remains the same, since the release.


On board, the film starts off with Mani Ratnam’s Madras Talkies production credits. The next second there blooms the magical song, “Endrendrum Punaghai” under the composition of A.R. Rahman. And the two major roles were played by Editor Sreekar Prasad and Cinematographer P.C. Sriram. Free handed camera movement, the introduction of credits part in between the frames while the lead R. Madhavan (as Karthik) rides the motorcycle, it just added a beauty to the beginning.

The usage of Railway station: The director completely understood the real emotions which existed in “Hi” and “Goodbye”. Karthik feels so happy to meet his wife Shakthi (Played by Shalini) in the railway station, but the time goes on while Karthik is waiting and found that something is wrong with his wife’s return. Well, this is portion where the relationship between the director and editor reflects in the film. Introduction of the flashback, the sequential arrangements of the differential portions projected the integral beauty of this film.

The meet: The love in the first sight isn’t going to be a true love. Hence, to explain, the single line in a page turns to paragraphs in a novel. This portion explains the relationship between a camera man and an editor. The scene projection where Karthik and Shakthi were on two different trains but travelling in the opposite directions, the interchanging of the equal screen spaces with love as the midpoint among these two characters, the slow motion takes place when they suddenly meet each other, the music of “Yaro Yarodi” in the background, and everything just added up the beauty to this particular scene.

The songs: Mani Ratnam – Vairamuthu – A.R. Rahman, one of the greatest trios that the cinematic world has ever produced. Rahman’s one of the best albums in his career.


Vairamuthu’s lyrics for “Pachai Nerame” explained the beauty of colours with the wonders of this world, and along with the evergreen voice of Hariharan added a soul to this song.  The composition of a modern tune for the marriage of Karthik & Shakthi with the reference to the traditional music attracted the youths of the generation. “Kadhal Sadugudu,” S.P.B. Charan’s voice proven to be that it’s from the S.P. Balasubrahmanyam’s blood. Clearly, it was like LHS = RHS (S.P.B’s voice = S.P.B.C’s voices), hence proved. The visualization of this song is an absolute brilliant. The synchronization of the backward motion of the visuals and lip movements for this song, it was an innovative stuff from the team. The composition of alternate tunes by A.R. Rahman for the happy and sad moments added up the sweet and sour flavors to this film. “Evano Oruvan,” Swarnalatha’s voice added up the breeziness to this song. This song comes to exist when Karthik and Shakthi were on a telephone call and displayed a terrific piece of performance. They hardly spoke one word each which was “Hello?” but their eyes spoke it all.  “September Maadham,” Love vs. Marriage concept did explain the solutions for this debate.


The climax: The last 20 minutes of this film changed the romantic world. The addition of Guest and special appearances in these frames, the addition of friction effects when the characters come across to meet each other and everything made the screenplay so solid enough which will hook the audiences with this film. The last 5 minutes conversation between Karthik and Shakthi will define the literal meaning of “Love.”

In 2007, the Joker from Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight quoted as, “In their last moments, people show you who they really are…” Well, you could visually see this within 5 minutes and Shakthi says “I Love you” to Karthik for the very first time since the beginning of this film.

A two hours walk on the sea shore explained the true meaning of “Alaipayuthey.”

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada

Before reviewing this album, Let me say a few sentences about ‘Music.

Music has the ability to change our emotions, and how do I even say that? Here, it goes. LCA’s Admin says “Hey!” and quotes, “From Me to You.

When the baby is crying out of hunger, the mother showed the moon and fed him. When the baby is crying out of sleep sickness, the mother holds him in her arms and begins to express her unknown gift by singing a song to that baby. This is the reason why I called “Music” states about the ability to change. If it has the power to the change, then the effect of the affected people through the ages are unbelievable. The Sound of Music is probably said to be one of the most needed Pain Killers for a person to survive in this world.

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada – Album Review:


The trio, Silambarasan – Gautham Menon –  A. R. Rahman. After creating a romantic novel called Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, these guys were set to release their second novel and it tends to be one of the most expected albums of the season.

Song: Avalum Naanum | SingerVijay Yesudas 

The Rahman-ised effect. I define this song as the “Powerhouse of Love“. Those intensiveness of Bharathidasan‘s poetic lines, the chirping sounds of the birds, the touch of violin, the voice and that background score from the 2:05th minute were like… “God! Rahman Ji takes us to a world that no one would’ve thought of experiencing it.” I was waiting to listen to this particular song since the day the first teaser got released, and now my expectations are completely fulfilled.

SongShowkali | SingersAditya Rao,Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Sri Rascol

This song basically deals with a person’s love for the Girls or the Bikes. The voices of Rappers like ADK and Sri Rascol were completely blended with the tune. This song has the ability to rule this generation because of its attractive theme.


Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada – Jukebox


Song: Rasaali | Singers Sathya Prakash, Shasha Thirupati

The fusions of the western and Carnatic music results to be a soul stirrer. Kinda reminded of dialogues from GVM’s films. The hero meets the heroine and that’s it, there blooms that instant love.

My heart skipped a beat” – Vaaranam Aayiram.

Paartha aduththa second sollirpaen aana nee thappa yeduthukkuva nu dhaan…” – Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

Jesse! sir, angha aduchidhu sir andha kaadhal” – Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

P.S: From these dialogues, all I wanted to say is about that ‘Instant effect‘.


Song: Idhu Naal  | Singers: Aditya Rao, Jonitha Gandhi

The song was like, “The breezy thoughts of a man who fell for a beautiful woman, longing for her to be the love of his life, and when she accepts his love, then there blooms a beautiful love story.”  


SongThalli Pogadhey | SingersSid Sriram,Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Aparna Narayanan

As Director GVM said, “We released this song and rest was the history“.

Overall: Yet again, the trio delivered a Musical Ecstasy…


Film and Life

Why do we even watch films? Have anyone thought of that? Wish, everyone has an answer. LCA’s Admin says “Hey!” and quotes, “From Me to You.”

We live on earth, geographically a beauty and we knew that it’s spinning. We look at the sky and try to count the number of stars which is never going to happen. We just care to look only the pictures that are pointing towards our eyesight and we merely cared about what is on the other side of this earth. Why did I even say these sentences? Do those relate to something regarding films? Yes, of course. Cinema is like a World within our World. There are an infinite number of films. Probably, no one would have watched every film till date because  it takes greater time than our lifetime…

Movies aren’t just meant to entertain us, they’re meant to teach us the concept of Life.

Our love towards Cinema begins to bloom from our childhood days. Those days were the days when our parents just hold our arm with a great love and reach out for theaters to watch films. This portion of life is defined as the Entertainment. Films can satisfy a child who is watching it with having popcorn and ice cream. These days, it ain’t the same. Now, it’s all about us and the Silver screen.

We all live in those moments when we began to watch films. They are just nothing until we analyse them frame by frame. Well, it all happened at the age of 14. “Life is Beautiful“, the first film which actually made me believe the Life exists in films. That was a beautiful and a heart moving triangular relationship between the father, mother, and child. The end scene of this film will make you realize the real meaning of the true relationship between the father and child. You’ll experience the underlined meaning of Sacrifice. It’ll be one of the films which last forever in my hard drive. The liveliness depends on how deep we travel with a film. It matters that we cast as an off-screen character along with the film.


Why do I even review films? The reason behind reviewing a film says about how well we took a film within us. Analyzing a film frame by frame, putting in the form words will help for many beautiful unsung  films to reach people easily. Highlighting the technical brilliance, pointing out the errors and sending those to the crew will be a path for each and every technician to improve from the past and deliver their unbelievable thoughts in the future.

Why do I feel like it’s wrong to rate films? Many people are never watching films just by seeing the rating. We ain’t the greatest teacher to rate films and to have our own school of cinema with a grading system. The scales in the rating system doesn’t reflect that this film isn’t worth to watch and technically a flop. Each and every people’s opinion varies with each other. We should read a review but we need not judge a film by its rating.

What will be the saddest thing to happen for a true cinema lover? The most deadliest* virus to affect a film watcher would be the “Spoilers“. Even the name says enough, it actually spoils the mood and makes us feel guilty of doing an injustice to the world of Cinema.

I’m a True Cinema Lover. Living a life through films. A proud founder of LCA : LIGHTS – CAMERA – ACTION. I post a lot about films. Spreads the real importance of a film. Thanks to all the members who are all behind LCA and holding it strongly as the Pillars. Well, this is not The End.

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Iraivi – Film Review

After encircling us with a joyful fear and pinning a local gangsta styled film, Karthik Subbaraj decided to create an impact upon this generation audiences. He got his own theory, he got his own explanation and projects us in a manner that this generation audiences will never regret to watch it in theaters. He just showed us about what he can deliver with all the inspirations. If Sujatha was alive by now, he’ll be proud of what he did to this world.

Karthik Subbaraj‘s direction, he pulled off what he could show to this world through the power of cinema. Such an impactful script, spiced up with needed crime scenes and created an wholesome drama. S.J. Surya, he was at his best. Apt for his character, couldn’t get any better. Vijay Sethupathi, seemed like a performance oriented role. His emotional attachment with his character lived in us throughout the film. Bobby Simha, his play role as Sethu in Jigarthanda stays at the top of the table. Still a good supportive role which was much needed. After Kattradhu Thamizh, Anjali played as a local woman, been a while ever since we saw her in such roles and she truly ruled the space which was given to her. Each and every single character’s screen presence were just outstanding. Only few directors will know how to extract the best from the talents.


Cinematography by Sivakumar Vijayan, songs were perfectly visualized and the yellowish filter created a golden globe which indeed a visual treat. Edited by Vivek Harshan, National Award winner and what more else do you expect from him. Two particular frames truly impressed me and the editing for the song “Dhushta“, that was absolutely brilliant. The sets, the Rain and even the vehicles used, everything were up to the level which actually satisfied the demands. This film has a running time of about 160 minutes, the screenplay wasn’t seemed so ductile, it was so brittle enough with a perfect editing and audiences will be able to feel it.


Santhosh Narayanan‘s music, each and every time he delivers with an improvisation. The change of phases in the music was perfectly executed. The song along with the visuals added a soul to this film. Actress Pooja, we can feel about what Karthik wants to deliver from that character but a little bit of something could’ve been added to have a perfect end to a puzzle. All three actresses, pinned their best performances from their heart. A poignant scent of women and men, glittered  by their performances, and technically a masterpiece. A well sculptured film by Karthik Subburaj and a much needed film to this society.


Overall: Iraivi is something, which pricks our heart with the messages on “Women” and “Who are men?” The whole team truly deserves to celebrate this victory.